• Home Staging

    Home Staging: Unlike interior design, home staging is about decor that appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Regardless of whether you are a private property owner, investor, home builder or landlord with the commitment to achieve the highest price for your home or rental properties, or Realtors looking for a partner with a talented and experienced property stylist to increase your success rate for your clients, take advantage of our services.
    Experience the positive results for yourself.

    People shop with logic and buy on emotion. With only 30 seconds to make a positive emotional connection with buyers, it is almost impossible to change a bad impression once it has been planted. With the current technology and over 90% of home buyers initiating their house hunt on the internet, the results of your home's initial impression is only a phone call, to schedule a personal viewing, or a mouse-click away, to view another home.
    Cheryl Trudell
    Steps of Home Staging

    Step 1 The Consultation

    An invaluable and comprehensive on-site 2 hour analysis of interior rooms and exterior curb appeal. Recommendations are customized to highlight the most appealing features of the home and where cost effective modifications can be made to de-emphasize the less marketable features, including editing a buyer's 'perceived' clutter and distractions.
    Discounted fees applicable for walk n talk consultations, seniors or estate sales.

    Step 2 Pre Staging Action Plan

    This step involves the implementation of recommendations prior to showcasing or staging the property. You may decide to complete recommendations on your own, secure your own trades' people or allow us to assist you with our affiliated business contacts and arrange services tailored to fit your individual needs, schedule and budgets.

    Step 3 'Showcasing' or Staging

    This is the most critical component of the staging process. The work done here transforms your home to give it the 'WOW' factor, creating the most inviting and positive first impressions to appeal to buyers. This includes design configurations, lighting, artwork and accessorizing with attention to details We can customize your 'showcasing' needs based on the focused or primary rooms of your home or 'showcase' each room. Need only accessories and artwork? Rental items and packages are available on a monthly basis for an additional fee.

    Cheryl's skills for staging are exceptional...excellent communication, well organized, responsive to our needs and budget, the ultimate professional, attentive to detail and a breath of fresh air walking in the door!"

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    Woodstock, ON
    Wherever possible, HS4S will make use of your available updated furnishings and accessories when staging your home. This can only be determined during and following an in-home consultation. The primary goal to properly styling any room or area is to achieve the appearance of a neutral yet modern space to appeal to the largest targeted market with a goal of protecting your home equity.

    Our quoted prices vary per project and depend on the style of the home, the targeted market, the number of rooms to be staged, the scope of staging required (vacant vs. owner-occupied, partial or full staging), and rentals of furniture, artwork & accessories.

  • Interior Styling and Re-Styling

    I love the challenge of designing for and with my clients regardless of their preferred styles - cosmopolitan (urban), laid-back chic (transitional), simply contemporary or classic traditional decor. My design specialty is eclectic ~ configuring old treasured items with new decor elements into the overall room design. Perhaps its finding only a few accessories to coordinate with a new carpet or piece of artwork, or starting fresh with a vacant room, my team and I will provide a 'platinum service' regardless of the timeframe involved or the budget.
    Cheryl Trudell
    As your property stylists, we will balance your everyday needs and stamp your decor preferences and self expression into your home environments. These services are a partnership with the homeowners with the focus to improve your home environment for you.

    Are you interested in effectively beautifying a room or two or need to improve the functionality of a particular space? Are you seeking a new colour palette and coordinating existing furniture with new decor elements and accessories? Are you a new home owner needing assistance with decor on a budget or downsizing and looking to re-style your new home?

    We can assist you with your design preferences and goals following our initial consultation and determine the extent of your project. Our philosophy is no design project is too small or too large.

    Our design services include:
    A well designed space is effortless in function, comforting to live in and splendid to look at.
    Jackson West