• What do I bring to the table as a property stylist?

    The eye for details and life experiences. As a child, I thoroughly enjoyed our family drives on Sunday through the countryside in rural Southwestern Ontario. I would pay particular attention to old dilapidated buildings and envision what it would look like with some repairs and a fresh coat of paint. In the 1970s, we moved into a newly built home on my grandmother's farm. I had only one request and that was to paint my bedroom in 2 different shades of blue. As other teenaged friends enjoyed shopping for makeup and clothes, I would spend my time searching for home decor. I would side-step my dream career in home design to one in health care; initially as a radiological technologist and a few years later, transitioned into cardiac ultrasound when I resided in Edmonton, Alberta. My dream to be involved someday in interior design never swayed. I was passionate and in my glory, when decorating each of my residences, and assisting friends with ideas to decorate theirs.

    In 2010, I began researching home staging as a new business opportunity and in 2011, became a certified staging professional following extensive training and mentoring with experienced stagers. Since the conception of Home Staging 4 Success, the services have expanded to include interior styling and re-styling, and from a home stager, I refer to myself as a property stylist to reflect these changes and growth. Registered, certified, insured and continually upgrading my design skills, I am finally in the career path I had always dreamed about ~ to design interior spaces, focusing on attention to details, and developing lasting relationships with my new and previous clientele.

  • What are the cost benefits of Hiring a Property Stylist vs. Interior Designer?

    My fees are more economical and this benefit alone allows individuals to hire an interior property stylist where they may not have considered it in the past. I have incorporated steps in my design services to save my clients both time and money. I will also source products from various suppliers, including 30 shops at SOFA, to provide my clientele with furniture, rugs, artwork, decor accents and accessory options for the best discounted pricing possible, and pass this savings forward.

  • Why should the Home Owner(s) stage a home and when?

    As a homeowner, I appreciate the length of time it takes to pay the first $5000 or $10000 off your mortgage principal. Consider this. In reality, it takes only a few seconds to reduce your list price for this same amount by crossing out the original list price, making the change in the dollar amount, and adding your initials in ink. Protect your home equity with home staging!
    Cheryl Trudell

    Key benefits of a professionally staged home

    SOLD - 100.03% of list
    It is always preferable to consult with a professional home stager prior to listing your home regardless if you are selling privately or with a Realtor. Allow a minimum of two weeks to prep your home unless it is a vacant or a model home. The time required to complete the recommendations is solely dependent on your time and our involvement if required.

    However, if your home has been listed for longer than 2 weeks, with little to no activity, contact us for a consultation to identify areas that need attention and obvious distractions or concerns to buyers. It is never too late to 'change the product'. During the consultation, we will provide you with information pertaining to certain areas that are easily rectified.

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