Home Staging

What Is Home Staging?

“The job of stagers is to reverse the accumulated creep of hundreds of small and misguided design decisions and to erase any hints of the messiness of daily life….”

New York Times –

  • Unlike interior design, Home Staging is the process of styling a property for sale to appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences of potential buyers.
  • People shop with logic and buy on emotion.
  • Home staging is a real estate marketing tool for any private property owner, investor, real estate professional, home builder or landlord to increase your success rate  of obtaining the highest price for your home or rental property and selling or renting it quickly.

On average, it takes only 30 seconds to make a positive emotional connection

Steps of Staging:

  1. Consultation
  2. Pre-listing Action Plan with recommendations
  3. ‘Staging’ or showcasing

Wherever possible, HS4S will make use of your available updated furnishings and accessories when staging your home. This can only be determined during and following an in-home consultation. The primary goal to properly styling any room or area is to achieve the appearance of a neutral yet modern space to appeal to the largest targeted market with a goal of protecting your home equity.

Our quoted prices vary per project and depend on the style of the home, the targeted market, the number of rooms to be staged, the scope of staging required (vacant vs. owner-occupied, partial or full staging), and rentals of furniture, artwork, accent lighting and décor accessories.

“Cheryl’s skills for staging are exceptional…excellent communication, well organized, responsive to our needs and budget, the ultimate professional, attentive to detail and a breath of fresh air walking in the door!”

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